Hey guys a friend basicaly needs to make a gaming computer and recording settup for a ps4 with decent audio capture for around $1500 altogether

This build is for a little gaming, video editing, possible pci capture card upgrade, the gaming can 1080 45-60 fps. I also need an IPS monitor and peripherals. Also could you recommend a good external capture card for recording and streaming?

dear god.... $50o for a PC AND peripherals+IPS display? hell.....
I can put something together..... but is there a way to bump that up to $600-$700?

$500 for the pc + other money for peripherals, to put it short the budget is $1500 for a basic youtube recording studio for a friend. To start off with allof of gaming will be done on a PS4 because thats where all his friends are at. @Weston

ohhhh.... well why $500 for the PC? why not $1,000? You can buy a great IPS monitor/Mouse/Keyboard for UNDER $500. you can even get a 1440p monitor and mouse/keyboard for that much.

Well part of that budget is going towards like a captured card, my friend does mostly gaming on a ps4 because that where all his friends are, the computer just needs to be able to edit and basic gaming.

Um, what. I'm extremely confused as to what the build has to do. Does it have to game? Or does it just have to capture. If it just has to capture, it's easy, but if you want to actually game on it, it's basically impossible. A capture card itself costs around 100 to 150 USD...

I changed the title to make it more understandible.

Even adding up the cost of the peripherals + capture card, $1500 is a little too overkill if he's just going to edit videos and stream

What would be a good biuld for a computer ment for editing, indi gaming, and all the audio equipment and external capture cards. We dont need to spend the whole budget.


God that was a pain in the ass, I did not put in headphones, keyboard or DAC/AMP because that is all personal preference, kinda like the mouse and monitor... but I have no opinion that isn't extremely subjective for those.

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So a PC + case + mouse, keyboard, monitor, and capture card?