Hesitant about new headset

I'm sad to say that after 4 years of flawless operation my Gamecom 780 finally died. My main reason for keeping the headset for so long was it's virtual surround, as gimmicky as it is I've pretty much become dependent on it for location in games. So when I sat down to look over my choices on the market, I thought about all of the other headsets I've tried in the past that I returned for their lackluster positional audio. I just cancelled my order of a HyperX Cloud after watching Logan's headset guides and decided I should get a second opinion. I'm short on cash and do not have a soundcard, so I'll be relying on my Asrock Extreme 4's onboard soundcard as a daily driver (probably the reason all the other headsets sounded lacking). I'm a daily competitive gamer, playing averages of 40 hours every two weeks in CSGO and Supreme Commander so my headphones are going to need to take a beating usage wise. Another thing I'm going to miss about my Gamescoms is their very reliable microphone, competing with my friend's Snowball. I'm looking at a <$100 budget so do you think I should just go buy another 780 or try something new? Thanks in advance. 

If your gut is telling you to go with the 780 then do it. The thing with headsets is that the only way you can decide if you like something, is to actually try it. So going for something unknown will be a bigger risk. I'm not trying to tell you to never try something new, but just be really sure about what you want to do. 

If you are not comfortable then go for 780. Since you have really good experience. Trying new things are kinda risky with the amount of budget you have in my opinion

I went ahead and got a replacement Gamescom for pretty cheap, I guess I'll start looking to buy other headsets now that I've got something to fall back on. Thanks a lot!