Helping encryption move in the right direction

One thing that I've come across when I attempt to sway my friends into using tools such as TestSecure or just any form of privacy software their first response is "It's not needed". They continue to tell me that "no one cares about your text messages" and that I should "stop being paranoid". However, just recent a friend (dead-youth) received Gillette razors in the mail. He didn't order them, and has never been to their website. He assumed it was facebook and now no longer uses it and now understands my paranoia. What I'm looking for are ways to show that I'm not paranoid, and that these concerns are real. I not only want to help educate my generation on the importance of encryption, but also why they should even care. What are somethings you guys do to better explain why encryption is worth the effort, and why anyone should even care? Thank you for taking time to read this. :)

The point of encryption is to secure data between point A and point B. It will not prevent websites from tracking your behaviour.

Well, tracking will, like @teresko said, not be prevented by encryption because its largely based on IP-addresesses, which are never encrypted. In case you're wondering, encrypting IP-addresses is a large undertaking because of the sheer amount of IP-packets that travels around.

Basically, encryption over the Internet is worth it because most people don't even have to worry about it, so why not? TLS 1.3 has a large library of cryptosuites that handle everything including authentication, key exchange and encrypted text, end-to-end. TLS just needs to be used.

You could use a VPN so that way your public IP isn't shown to the websites you visit.