Helpful Windows Software Shares Peripherals

Hello everyone!

I have recently been shown a piece of Microsoft software which changed my workstation. I use a desktop PC for most everything but I have a laptop as well for mobile use and for the sake of the webcam. A minor annoyance of this setup is that I have a laptop and desktop with separate virtual desktops and when I want to bring a video recorded from my webcam to the desktop PC I have to use my USB flash drive or some other method. I realize that a nice camera for my desktop PC would be ideal for this problem, but sadly that is not in my college student budget at the moment. Regardless of particular problems to be solved, this is an annoyance.

My friend just showed me this:

It's a prototype software from Microsoft that allows you to share virtual desktops over LAN or maybe even wi-fi, though I have not tried wi-fi yet. This is pretty cool because it allows me to mouse over to my laptop screen seamlessly as if I were using two monitors, but in reality they are two different computers entirely. You can even use your desktop keyboard to type in programs on the laptop. You can drag and drop files from one system to another as if it were simply multiple monitors, saving time and the hassle of switching flash drives and waiting for file transfers.

If this is common knowledge or of there is a better application for this I do apologize, as I am not a ultra computer savvy individual, but rather I am a manufacturing engineering student who loves gaming and loves making my workstation/gaming shrine the best it can possibly be. I just thought I would share this helpful piece of software with the community which has given me so much information over the past year or so, in hopes that I may repay the favor to some degree.