i don't really know where to post this so ill post this here. recently iv been playing diablo 3 and for long amounts of time every now and again the fans on my pc rev and my pc just shuts off. i have no idea why this happens and i want to fix it. any suggestions on why its happening and what i can do to fix it?


How does it shut off? Is it a BSOD? Does it actually trigger the shutdown command and the computer shuts down nomrally? Or does it completely shut off with no warning or error what so ever?

its with no warning or error what so ever

I am basing this on the same symptoms of my laptop, So I will operate assuming it is thermal, you are playing a game which elevates stress.on the system. open your case and check for dust bunnies around the CPU cooler.

before I go any further please give the parts that make up your system,




CPU cooler

Power supply unit model and wattage.

video card

Get that info and check for dust clogging thermal vents and what not.

cpu amd 8350

mortherboard asus saber tooth r2

ram 8  gigs of something

cpu cooler is the corsair h80i

power supply is 850w and its a nzxt hale82 series

video card is a gtx 770 asus cu2


i think your pc is overheating. try to dust it out with a can of compressed air

hello all so i did dust out my pc and was on it this time just surfing the web and again it just shut off so i have no idea whats going on still

maybe the pump is broken. can you monitor your cpu temps?

Do what anarekist says first, failing that, we may need to check your thermal paste. but before that be sure that your PSU is not overheating. You may need to open the fan cover and look inside with a flashlight. if it is clogged, spray it out having both killed the power to the unit and unplugging it first. if you are not getting a BSOD I am sticking with thermal shutdown. Im not positive, but from what I know cooked electronics do not work intermittently. they work, or not. so that is why i think thermal shutdown.   since that is an aftermarket cooler, the paste may have been applied wrong.  check and make sure the sticker was removed from the copper contact plate. I personally use those wipes you get to clean your glasses with alcohol inside. besure ALL the paste is off BOTH the CPU AND the copper plate. then apply a PEA sized drop in the middle of the cpu. also, dont touch the CPU with your fingers, just the cloth. then return the waterblock back to its position and screw it down.

so i have found a way look at the temps of my pc and its siting around 40-50 c while just browing the web and itll kick up to 70-80 c while in a game. and i have replaced the thermal past and its on better. i have a feeling that maby its just the pump not working well enough on the cooler it self. im thinking about just buying a new cooler for it and seeing if that helps or not, any other thoughts though?

hello all i don't know if anyone is still fallowing this but i just want to update and complete this issue, so i got my new cooler and installed it. now i have no issues at all and the pc is being cooled beyond what i could hope for. i got the nactua u14s i think. just eh 140mm heat sink and fan and it works splendidly. so it was the pump on the H80i. and i think ill stay with an air cooler for the future