I had a few question before I order all my parts for my first build.

How would I hook up a HDD and SDD together?

How would I hook up a monitor if I'm using the graphics from my APU?

When is the Steam OS coming out (if anyone knows.)


there are multiple sata ports on a motherboard you hook your ssd to sata 0 and your hard drive to sata 1 install your os on the first drive and just so you know 64gb is not going to give you much head room for your os and you hook up your monitor the same way you would with a stand alone video card. as for steam os i have no clue about that.

is your budget a hard $590 cap or are you willing to go higher?

also do you already have a monitor or are you needing one and others like the mouse and keyboard?

what is the primary use of your computer going to be gaming?

I'm gonna game on this. Nothing to taxing though. I guess my budget could go up to $650 but, I would prefer it to stay down.