I'm in the middle of building a computer inside of an NZXT Source 210, and I discovered that the screws on the expansion slots were too tight. Should I drill the screws? Or is there somthing else I should do?

I have the exact same case, except windowed. The screws were very tight, but I just simply pushed hard and turned the screw driver.

I tried the same thing, and I did't work. I even got a power drill, though it was a very tight fit, and tried it, but it still didn't work. I'm worried about stripping the screws.

As said above ^^ Try applying some force with a screwdriver and turn the screws.

okay, I'll get to that, but I also have another question: the aligator clip from my static strap fell onto my mobo. Should I be worried about that?

You shouldn't worry about using that anti-static strap. Stay grounded, and nothing will happen.

But nothing should go wrong because of the insident with the aligator clip, right?

No. You're fine.

Ok, I've just about stripped one of the screws with a power drill. What should I do now?


Get pliers.

Tried that. Should I go for WD 40?

WD-40 is a solvant more than a lubricant. Stop switching tools, and use those pliers to twist it out.

Pliers aren't working.

Should I just drill the screw out?

Okay, Drilling it out didn't work either... Am I screwed for this case now?