So can somebody please help me find a good, Afordable power supply that I could buy for my gaming pc. Probs 1 by Corsair or any other good manufacturer yous can think of....     Thanks

xfx, seasonic, antec hcg series, silverstone, nzxt, enermax a few others. 

as a general rule don't buy things from rosewill, but i have seen nothing but good reviews for the Rosewill Hive 650w-750w

ok thanks

Seasonic manufacture not only their own PSU's but a lot of their competition too. For instance the lower end Antec HCG PSU's (recommended for single card systems) are manufactured by Seasonic. My last two gaming systems have used Corsair PSU's ( HX-620 and HX-850), but my future systems will use either Antec HCG 520W (80+ Bronze) for single card or a Seasonic X 850W (80+ Gold) for dual cards. Seasonic are a really great brand when it comes to power supplies, but there are others out there which are just as good so you'll really need to shop around and do your research. Work out your budget and power needs and go from there (always aim for at least a bronze rating!).