my computer when i boot it up the fans dont spim and i get no picture on my moniter. the only thing i get is my motherboard saying 'STDBY' 

just built this system. first boot it started with no problems however i got not videp on my moniter. then i turned it off and turned it back on and it wont boot just the motherboard has a green light on STDBY

Double check your 4 or 8 pin and 24 pin power supply leads are inserted correctly.

Also, ensure your cpu cooler is installed properly.  Those pushpins can be a little flakey if you're using stock cooler.

After that try inserting 1 ram module at a time and ensure proper seating.

edit* also check video card power lead, and also try without video card.  Ensure onboard graphics is enabled in bios when booting without the vidcard.

This may seem obvious, but make sure everything is plugged in correctly and completely. It can often take a lot of force to get the power connections in all the way.


i can guarantee that ive installed everything thin correctly and double checked. !!

why does it say standby !

please help !

anybody ???

check again. And if that fails, check a third time. sometimes you really need to jam the 16 pin in there for full contact. The fact that the fans don't spin makes it almost certan that you fucked up with the wireing. If that fails, insert one stick of RAM at a time to see if its a faulty stick. if it's an intel build, remove the GPU and try running on the integrated graphics. If you get no results after that, it most likely means you have a defective or broken motherboard or CPU.

Problem solved :) all i had to do was switch connectors on the graphics card