computer has been doing this thing where it kinda shuts off during use. the reason I say kinda is because it does this thing where it cuts off video and usb and cannot be turned off by use off power button i also think it stops reading from the HDD.. ive checked and it is not the psu so im thinking its either the mobo or the OS that I got from this link

please help me figure out what is wrong.any help would be appreciated thanks

Have you activated the that vershon of windows yet? if its still in a tryal mode it shuts down every 30mins 

it says its activated in my system properties..


have you fully updated? run windows update i took over 200 updates from one of those discs (thay are 2008 isos)

last time i tried to update my computer either shutdown or could install them

ill try though

ok make shure your sistem date is correct in windows mine had the date set to 2009 and this stoped windows update working and gave out all kinds of stupid errors took me 20mins to work out why the fook windows update wasent working correctly you may have the same problem.

ya i fixed that a while ago....but now im trying to install updates but it unknown error code 800B0100


Are you shure the date and time is set to 2013 in the rigth hand corner becase thats the same kind of error i was geting 

yep 4/4/2013