i am building a gaming pc and i have got a 

asrock z77 extreme-4 micro motherboard

but i wonted a 

asrock z77 extreme-4

is there any differences, and is there a reson to send it back and get the bigger one.

please help

You did not give enough info.

is the micro board the same as the normal size board 

(i am new to this so i dont know the what they are propoly called)

Micro ATX is smaller then a ATX board, if all you will want in the future is a single graphics card build then keep the Micro ATX. If you want two card in SLI/Crossfire then get the ATX board to give you more room. The ATX board probably also has more Sata ports as well, what are your goals for your system in the future?

just to game and and some video editing


If the ATX is equal in price, go ahead and get it. If you have the M-ATX already and the ATX would cost you a good bit more, keep the M-atx. You can not go wrong with either choice, they both will do the job well. Just make sure your case is capable of fitting a ATX board if you decide to get the bigger one.

ok thank you for your help andd i have a corsair c70


Your are fine then, that is a badass case btw!