Hey guys! im trying to make a channel but there are a few things that i need help with. Can some one make me a Badass! intro that i can put in the begining of all of my videos? a 15-25 sec intro would be really really nice

if anyone can do that for me THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

15-25 seconds would be way too annoying. I had a 10-second intro back when I used to make Minecraft videos and I found that to be extremely annoying. 5 seconds should suffice for that.

Also, you should make the intro yourself. It doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy hollywood super 3DSMAX boobs and explosions extravaganza.

too long intros will just drive people away from a new channel ... :)

Just find a nice template for sony vegas or somethiong online but keep it down to 5 seconds or less.