SO my gpu [gtx 1070ti] is making a weird noise like a buzzing noise … I literally built this computer yesterday . I also have a problem or the fans were starting at all , they only started when I used the msi after burner to force them too, like their not automatically turning on by themselves at all! The only time the GPU buzzes (or whatever that noise is…) is only when I’m in game , but also the GPU when I went to touch the top at least was extremely hot and at this time the fans were not running by themselves’; and then when I used msi afterburner to force them on the buzzing noise is still there and i’m not sure if I should be worry or not cause it 's some what loud.

Another problem I’m having my games … i’m not sure how to explain it , but they just don’t look right ,like, there not running 1080p ,even thou I have windows set to it/in game. i’m on ryzen 1800x I heard there was a lot of problems with the first generation of ryzen so i’m not sure if I should disabled something in bios or what? I’m confused? why? , the pictures aren’t so clear. If anyone can help me … I just want to game in peace

first thing omg… and holy sht…


Some manufacturers have by design 0 fan speed until the GPU reaches to certain temperatures.

Buzzing noise, is a “coil whine”. You can try RMA the GPU but i doubt any company will care unless it is really loud. There is no down side except noise in most cases.

Don’t blame your CPU for what your GPU does (you bought nvidia the way its meant to be ripped and plagued by driver issues), and your system settings.
List a games you have issues with, attach dxdiag report, and or also post screenshots showing you set the game to run at specific resolution and your monitor is capable of running at those resolutions.

There never was any problem with Ryzen that would impact your ingame resolution.

The main issues with Ryzen CPU’s were (and are in some ways):
Memory compatibility - Running faster memory that are outside of JDEC spec.

Motherboards - Manufacturers dropping half-ass broken bioses that had odd issues like certain chips being stuck at low power, or feeding too much power into them causing cpu’s to generate enormous amounts of heat. Most are fixed today with bios patches or new mobo’s.

incorrect thread work assignment, latency issues with windows 10 - fixed by windows updates long time ago.


Okay, if that 's just the coil line and it’s just make noise. Like you said and nothing well happened to my card …just being a little loud , then I won’t worry about it so , Thank you . Also, if the fans will start by themselves even thou it was exteremly hot , I’ll just leave it alone . I just wanted to make sure it was safe.

its coil whine.

If you feel something is wrong with your GPU you should do the RMA process, and talk with the techs from your gpu manufacturer.

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Coil whine means you aren’t pushing the GPU enough from my exp 9/10… same from from concentrate dude… buzzing might be the fan it’s self

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1070ti should make pretty 1080p :slight_smile:
Check the settings in your games.

A buzzing noise sounds bad. I would re-plug all the power connectors. If it is a high pitch squeal, That could be coil whine.

I have a strix GPU and the fans do not start until 50C so only when gaming they turn on. That is normal for a gpu.

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The buzzing could be “coil whine” (as @anon5205053 said).
My GPU (R9 Fury) has the same problem. One workarround is to cap FPS globally at 80 (or so). There should be options to do so in the Nvidia Control panel.

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