Help Zorin Os 6

I need help with Zorin OS 6.1 (free). I installed it(dedicated) all on my spare  Laptop (Dell vostro 1500 T7250 C2D @2ghz 4gb ram 750gb HDD + nvidia 8600m GT video card. 

Everything was fine , I installed Steam it insisted on new drivers for video card, installed video card drivers and Team Fortress 2 .(12gb download holy ****) Performance was shit in the game maybe 3 fps. So I fiddled around with the drivers, now my Laptop boots up to a command line screen , with:-

 "Zorin OS 6 Flamebate-vostro-1500 tty1" 

"FlameBate-Vostro-1500 login:"

I can Login with my username and Password. 

and I get "[email protected]:~$"

How do I get the GUI running again? 

What the frig happened?