Help would be appreciated

Hey guys,

I recently made a new budget build for gaming. Its been working great except for one problem ive been having, It freezes on average once a day and I have no idea why. I feel like I did the build fine and had no problems whatsoever so if anyone knows if this is an issue with perhaps my operating system or the compatibility of my parts please help me out, cheers.


CPU:AMD a10 5800k
Ram:8gb dual channel gskill ripjawX 2133mhz
Power:Corsair 600watt
Motherboard:Asus f2a55-m

p.s: I am running on the built in graphics on the a10

Did you stress test it when you built it? use prime95 on it. if that gives you errors fix w/e it is prolly ram. i suggest setting ram to 1600 and going from there if prime fails.

Is there any patten to the freezes (im assuming blue screens?) like while gaming, under heavy load of some kind? Id recommend you do the bios updates from asus if you havnt already.

Never actually got blue screen, it just kinda freezes and makes an annoying buzz noise out my speakers. Ill update my bios now thanks

'annoying noise out of speakers' check your overclock go stock if already stock get a new mobo.