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Help with Xbox One X

I know this is the wrong forum to be asking for a solution, but not sure were to ask.
So i picked up a project of a Xbox One X, the way it acted it looked like a hard drive problem.
Tested the hard drive, its good. reloaded everything from scratch. it worked for a time, even put a brand new hard drive in same result.
I have narrowed the problem now down to it needs to be warm to boot. it throws a black screen or ransom hard drive error codes cold.
so i am pretty sure its got to be some power regulator problem on the motherboard.

I been searching and sifting through a lot of BS and have yet found a solution.
so one can one point me somewhere i can go ask or have a pointer?

could be a poorly seated heat sink. any of them loose?

maybe a bad capacitor

There is just one and i replaced the heat sink compound since it was dry and rock hard. the memory has this funny thick compound and the chip on the backside of the motherboard has a thermopad

I went over the whole board nothing visual bad, the caps on the motherboard are Hybrid-Polymer kind.
from the looks of it i would guess there is a micro processor that controls all the power

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Could be. The ones on the mainboard are rather unlikely to go bad though.

Maybe get a new PSU from ebay and put that in?

Sorry i forgot to add i tired a new power supply and power cord.

From what i read power supplies work or don’t in the Xbox One X, but i got a rebuilt one anyway since there seem to strange problems around power. M$ recommends the Xbox being directly plugged into a wall outlet and not power strips. Ok tried that.

Some people fixed strange power problems with a new power cord, ok seems strange there cheap enough so i tried that too. the old one is 7A and the replacement is 10A rated.

If i were to bet it would be a bad solder joint, under once of those IC’s since it sorta starts working when it gets warm. I would like to know what and were before i start down the path of re-flowing things.

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