Help with upgrading build/improve temps

Hey so I'm a guy that built a pc kind of in a rush and made a lot of mistakes because my local provider didn't have some specific parts and I really needed a pc for school because my old laptop broke down. I don't think my build ended up too bad, even though I know I made some crucial mistakes and tried to save money on stupid stuff that I realized later. I will start by listing my parts though!

- AMD FX-8350 

- Gigabyte motherboard 990XA-UD3

- Kingston 8gb 1600mhz ram

- Kingston SSD V300 60GB

- Gigabyte GTX760 OC 2GB

- NOX Urano 650W Powersupply

- Seagate HDD 1TB

(and the parts I cheaped out on)

- NOX Coolbay SX

- Thermaltake cooler contac 39

- Asus monitor 21.5" VE228DR

Totaled to about 940€ 


My question is, what should I do to upgrade it? I live in a hot place (Spain - Barcelona) and even with not alot of stuff going on, my pc seems to heat up quite a bit, and I don´t really want to damage anything. Plus there are several glaring issues that should be solved, but I´m not sure about the right way to go about it.

First off the aftermarket cooler is nice BUT because of the case size and how the upper part isn´t removable, and its an amd build I had to mount it so that the coolers pointed upwards like this. It also fits pretty tight in the case and pretty much touches the panel. 

Secondly, you can´t see this very well but the grafics card is somehow not aligned properly with the mount and is slitly tilted, which means I can´t screw it in properly, so I just screwed it to the side, I´m guessing since its kind of a long card it might flex but thats just a guess, might be something worse or just nothing to worry about. Regardless here it is.

Third of all temps run kind of high, especially the motherboard temps even with very low load. I'm not sure if its normal or not, but just in case.

 So taking this into account, what can I do to improve my setup? Should I get a new case/aftermarket cooler? Are these fine? Am I doing something wrong? Does my cable managment suck? (it does). Also I got the 8350 for streaming and stuff, but heat kind of concerns me, because temps can go pretty high even if I stream something that doesn't require a lot, like League of Legends or Hearthstone. I also did not overclock my 8350 although I might once I fix some of these issues. 

Please help, first time I build a pc and I suck :(

Rotate so the cpu cooler exhausts out the out exhaust...if that makes sense.  Also, have you looked into getting a larger case with more fans?  Corsair 750D or Nzxt Switch 810 come to mind and both are outstanding cases with great cable management.  Which brings me to my next bullet point of cable management.  You need to to some from this picture you shared.  It will also help with air flow within the case.  


Honestly this is what I would do:

New Case

Cable management

Fan upgrades

Watercooling the cpu, h100i or similar


Also, you don't suck, you just don't have the experience for optimizing temps.  After you research case air flow you will have a better understanding for how to manage that.  Also, research cable management, it's not just for a purtay case.  Hang in there, dood.


Thanks man! Those are some sick cases, pretty expensive though, I'll see how much money I can get in these next months to try and do that, also I honestly am not sure about watercooling AT ALL, I've seen videos about it and it seems pretty complicated and risky as hell, also the fact that you have to swap out the liquid inside and stuff, plus it seems like i might be better off with just a noctua in terms of price.. Would it really be worth it?

Also in terms of cable managment, I honestly have no clue how to get the power supply cables that I don't need out of there. I will try to at least get a new case by January or so even though I have very little money. 

You can get a closed loop water cooler but as you said some air based systems can cool just as well.  H100i comes to mind or the new Coolermaster ones.  If you do heavy overclocks on your cpu I would recommend custom water cooling.  If not save your money and invest that into the case.


 For psu, Modular work awesome for cable management or you could tuck them on the backside of the motherboard tray. 

Start here:

Get those.

Follow this:

If you need psu cable extenders I do believe they sell those on amazon.