Help with upgrade


is it worth to upgrade to an ssd or gpu?

My specs:
intel i5-760
amd 6950 twinfrozr
16 gigs of ram (dont now what brand right now)
1TB samsung hdd (no ssd)
asus p7p55d-e mobo.

Thanks for answers.

Budget: 100 euro.

I'd say GPU if you are a gamer or SSD if you are a video renderer.

Joys of having a SSD are faster boot times, faster installs, larger games are fast at loading levels (e.g. oblivion/skyrim load time would be a lot quicker), read/writes are faster so your system doesn't sit there playing catch up with the drive.
Games on the other hand look better with a more powerful GPU. Can you live with your graphics as they are?

Best bet is to figure out what you need now and go from there.

Well I think the gpu is good enough, and for the money I dont think I can get much better performance.

The most important question is: Is an SSD worth the money? I do play games, but also code much, and when I run 3x Visualstudio its lagging a bit.

I can say a SSD running programs that actually work your system (not including games) helps 10 fold.
It's not just about your OS booting up in under a minute.
Take some of the jobs I do from time to time, I use adobe audition for cleaning up audio. great program but when you set it to filter out a hum or clean out pops and clicks on a 45 min long audio clip, the time it takes on a machinical drive is a lot longer than a SSD mainly because the next chunk of data that is about to be worked on is still being read off of the HD drive where as the SSD has already read it and is moving on to the next chunk.

So the bigger the file you are dealing with the more worth while a SSD becomes.
In most cases.