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Help with thread archiving


Has anyone come up with a script that can archive individual threads in a site friendly manner? There are some fairly huge threads here that I’d like to save, and frankly the infinite scrolling (that I can see no way to turn off) thing is a usability detriment when trying to go through the Looking Glass threads and such. I’m not all that great at coming up with archive scripts, and I’d really not trial and error my way to archiving things from a posterchild for web 3.0.


You know you can search within topics. You can bookmark topics and you can bookmark individual posts as well. There is also the ability to track topics for mentions or every new post.

I know that doesn’t answer your question but thought I’d check.

You can also get an XML feed, all you should need to do is add .XML to the end of the URL of what you want a feel for. I think it works for topics?


Doesn’t seem to work for topics, maybe I did it wrong (click the link).