Help with sutter/frametime spikes

I really need some help getting to the bottom of this random frametime spike im having in alot of my games. I have exhausted my knowledge and ideas. I have tried changing memory, psu, nvme from a hp ex950 to samsung 980 pro. I have tried bone stock settings on system and gpu, multiple bios and a fresh install of windows and multiple video drivers to no avail. The spike happens every minute or so and looks the same in multiple games so im thinking something is causing it other then the game engines.

How about giving us the hardware and the OS and so on basic info?

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5800x/aurous master/evga xc ultra 2080ti/ g.skill tridentz 3600 cl 16/samsung 980 pro/ seasonic focus gold 850x/Win 10/ Nvidia 460.97

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It probably is, but even I didn’t think to check, so it’s best to give all the info that is relevant for your question.
As for your stuttering issue - it’s not a hardware problem. Whatever it is it’s either something in the software or something weird compatibility wise.
Do you use VRR monitor? I will harp this string till the day non variable refresh monitors finally dies and everything is Freesync. Anyways, I am completely out of ideas.

Yeah using a lg cx48 and with gsync on or off makes no difference. I was hoping someone would chime in with something I could use to monitor the system while the spikes occur and maybe track them down that way, Im just unaware of any tools.

You can use MSI Afterburner to track pretty much everything in real time while playing.
For anything more I hope someone else will climb in and help out…

It could be a hardware cooling problem. Lots of hardware will suddenly throttle back the speeds if it reaches an over-temperature range. I’m not talking about 80C, but when things reach about 95 C it becomes an emergency. Intel CPUs start to drop to half speed. GPUs drop out of performance mode to desktop mode. Etc.

If you have anything running that is trying to override your Ryzen’s power or thermal limits for overclocking, put that back to default. If you’re running GPU overclocking software, put that back to whatever will lock your thermal limit to 80 C, or less if you like.

Ultimately, if thermals are the problem you’d need to use bigger coolers or for the GPU maybe a repasting or a water block.

But you probably don’t have to go that far. The problem is stutter so reducing the temperatures along with performance levels should result in lower FPS but no emergency overheat stuttering.

I’m not sure this is the issue but it is something I have seen happen before.

What I’d check is:

  • Temps
  • Errors in the event viewer
  • Power related issues
  • Memory related issues

in this precise order. I’m inclined to think that with a system like that temps are not an issue, but I’d check anyway if you’re experiencing spikes that make your games stutter.
Errors in the event viewer might highlight any possible instability with your system, power can be logged through HWiNFO64 (which logs all the system parameters) and you can check the graphs with Generic Log Viewer.
Memory related issues can be easly shown with AIDA64 (at least has been for me when I had issues with my AMD build) or with a very very long memtest86+ test.

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Temps are great running a arctic freezer II 360 on the cpu and the gpu is 70c and under with full loads. I have great airflow in my lian li 011 xl. PSU is brand new and it was present on my last one as well. Memory is stable and error free at stock and tuned. I ordered a second set of ram just to test if it was memory and it did the exact same. I have tried most of the normal things as I am not that much of a novice. It might be down to a windows problem as usual but a fresh install didnt help but it was the exact same build which is the current 20h2. I did try different nvidia drivers.

Some more things to try:

  • Update your BIOS
  • Check if PBO is enabled
  • Check if you have XMP/DOCP on
  • Install/update ryzen chipset drivers
  • Monitor background processes
  • Using HWMonitor Info & MSI Afterburner, check if your CPU is being power or thermally limited, or if there are any signs of VRM throttling
  • Try Linux – You can play games using Steam’s Proton, Lutris

I always try and go the basic approach. Find what does work.

So you’ve change PSU, Memory, nvme drive.

My first thought would be try another graphics card (if possible).
Are you using a riser cable? Maybe connect straight to the motherboard.
Are you using daisy chained PCI-E Power from the PSU? Or 2 separate cables power cable?
What is the BIOS Setting for the graphics card? Is it set to bifurcation? Is it for some reason set to PCI-E 2 instead of 3 / 4?
Do you have additional PCI-E devices install? Usb Cards, Capture cards etc? Maybe remove them if you do.

If all hardware works independently. Then back to software problems.
Maybe check USB Drivers, I’ve had the usb 3.1 gen 2 ports cause massive issues, usb flash drives connected would just do a connect / disconnect loop.

Mouse drivers or use different ports. I’ve had 2 mice connected. One would cause massive lag spikes in games, frame drops down to 20 then back up to 130, and repeat. The other had zero problems. Why, no idea.

Try a different display port cable, or force a different refresh rate.

Granted I’m sure some of these won’t apply, or you won’t be able to do. Just thought I’d toss a few suggestions

Heh. I have this problem with a USB-C external NVMe drive of mine. I don’t know if the problem is the computer case (it was the front case mounted USB-C) or the SSD cable. But it would not make a solid connection and bumping it, or sometimes all on its own it would disconnect/reconnect.

USB-C is nice for my smart phones. It’s been kind of terrible for everything else. None of the cables or ports seem to make very solid connections.

My Thunderbolt dock is not quite as bad but similar. It’s a USB-C cable and if you bump the laptop too hard it disconnects and sometimes bluescreens the laptop.

I would love to try a new 3080 but thats a pipe dream, no riser cable. GpuZ is reporting 3.0 x16. No addtional pcie even tried disconnecting front panel usb 3. Only one mouse connected. Usb drivers are default installed by windows. Used multiple hdmi cables including the certified zeskit and monoprice cables. I have reseated everything. I almost to the point of ordering a new mobo just to eliminate that. My 3600x before my 5800x did the same stutter. So Im down to either mobo or gpu as last hardware pieces to eliminate.

How do I upload or link to my logs I recorded using windows performance recorder that I ran during a short cyberpunk run. Maybe someone here with more knowledge then me would be able to read the reports.

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