Help with slow games

hello, i currently have this laptop

the only thing i have doen to it are i replaced the old hardrive with a 5400rpm 500gb hdd and 8 gigs of ram.

the problem i have is that in its old age, a lot of the games i used to be able to play are slowing down and i want a way to speed them back up. anything that can work i will try



go to and download gamebooster. its free and should help out a bit.

This gamebooster thing i dont trust. Dont trust arcan there are many trolls on the internet.

well is there really anything else i can do. i use the razer game booster but it doestn really help

keep it up to date with drivers, end unnecessary background tasks, depending on what games you play you could install something like debian or ubuntu; windows is bloaty.

i have heard about installing ubuntu but i am afraid of completly ruining my pc and then my dad would be pissed at me. i believe all ym drivers are up to date since i dont have many things that require drivers. one time i disabled a task and it pretty much ruined my pc and i had to restart.

Backup everything and re-install windows if you dont want to clean up windows yourself. CCleaner is good for removing crap thats built up as well.

No amount of memory is going to help with fps im sorry to say. Those old mobile athlon II chips were slugs at the best of times and the 4250 is really long in the tooth.

Check what you processor state is set to when plugged in - control panel, power options,  change settings, change advanced settings, scroll down to processor power management. > set to when plugged in the max power state is 100%, set this for battery use as well as long as you're aware that the battery life will depleat rather quickly.

Defrag you hard drive using anything but windows garbage app. Defraggler is free and very good. Although this will do nothing for your frame rate. Your system should be a little more responsive.

If your comfortable enough with being able to boot your pc of a usb drive. Give ubuntu a try. Run the entire os off the usb stick. Your existing windows installation wont be touched. It may take a little getting used to. But with steam available and running well on it these days its well worth a look. Then if you like it boot off that same stick (or dvd), wipe away windows and enjoy the linux experience.

The best thing i can suggest if you want to keep this system for a while longer is grab a ssd for the laptop and stick you existing hdd in a external case for mass storage. You'll be surprised how more responsive the system will be except for that of gaming as that is entirely dependant on your 4250 gpu.

thanks i might try it. the only problem is our internet is shitty at best(2.5mb/s) so redownloadign all the game swould take forever. and im saving up for a build that will coes more that an ssd so i would like to not spend anything.

hey im not a troll lol. im just trying to help. i used that on my laptop and it helped it out a little bit. it works by closing background tasks that you dont need but i guess you just got to try it for yourself to see.

i owned a compaq cq57 and replacing the proceesor after doing some research really helped and since you have the cq62 that has an apu i dont think that it would be that hard to find a better one and replace it. There is a tutorial on youtube on how to take one of these apart. I got mine apart, replaced the processor, and put it back together in little under 2 hours. If you need any further information on improving in game performance then i dont know what to tell you unless you replace that shitty apu with something better.

the main game i had a problem with was tf2 and i turned the resolution down to 720 have a game booster and have all settings on low and it rons ok. minecraft though.... its just lagg city even with optifine. and i have ubuntu downloaded and put it on a dvd but when i tell my pc to boot from the dvd it just starts windows. help?

it says in my bios that the cd drve is first hdd secong floppy third and usb last but im not sure i have the right files. but i have downloaded the same file from numerouse times and it stil jsut doesnt do anything

thanks. the download on their website doesnt give you an iso it jsut gives you a .zip full of files.