Help with server build


I am looking into building a server for ESXi purposes. I need help finding a motherboard that supports around 128 Gb of ram and uses regular sata drives (so I can save some money). The server will be used for learning about ESXi and setting up GPU passthrough via KVM. I need both so I can study for LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 using the server.

I am hoping to make the server a silent build, as I live in a bachelor apartment and plan on running it 24/7.

Your recommendations are welcome. I have a budget of about $1000 CDN.

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I'm planning on building a server at some point down the road! I look forward to seeeing how things pan out for you @Vassili62 :O)

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sorry dude but your budget isnt going to be enough. canadian to usd you'd be struggling to afford a decent gaming pc, much less this.

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I would be up for using used parts as well. If that makes a difference.

i mean, maybe you could scour the internet and find the parts you need that actually work and all are compatible, but i would not bet on it. best bet would be finding a company/library/something that is upgrading and selling off their old parts and get the entire build with a few years on it.
are you planning on using windows server? cause that can get pricey and your more likely to get hit by lightning then find a complete used server in your price range to spec with the latest version of windows nt on it and not wiped.

you might be able to find someone on here willing to sell, but you're probably going to have to save some more.

Not looking to install Windows Server on it at all. It will be used for Linux Professional Institute Cert Level 2 and 3 studying and ESXi.

is the 128 gigs of ram non optional? because cpu's that support 8 threads and 8x8 sticks of ddr4 alone will knock out your budget

Let's get this clear - I didn't say it had to have 128GB of ram - I said it had to support it. I never said it had to be 8 cores, or dual CPU. I am trying to get the motherboard that supports those and add the parts in later - is this not something you or someone else can help me with? If not I will go elsewhere.

ok, a motherboard that supports 128gb of ram in your price range is going to be dual cpu workstation, or a x99 build.
x99 means you need to get a cpu that supports 8 sticks of ram OR get a cheap one now and replace later
dual cpu is somewhat more feasible for you since you only need 4 memory lanes per cpu and can buy one now and the other later.
something like this
might be in your price range if you can get a few more pieces open box/used. yes thats amazon from us not canada so the prices may differ.
1x16 stick and you can buy the other 7 later
the psu is to support the 2 cpus + 128 gibs of ram.
the case isnt the cheapest, but it has a large enough access hole behind the cpu for you to install both cpu coolers without removing the mobo/cutting the case.

but i suggest waiting. computers have the quickest devaluation rate of anything other then perishable food and this build will take you a very long time to complete unless you get another 2-4k for Christmas. by the time you save up enough money to finish it all your parts will be half the value you started at. the longer you wait the cheaper it'll get and the quicker you can afford the complete workstation and not just pieces.