Help With Rising Storm

So I am wondering if anyone who plays RO2/RS can help me resolve a problem.
My setup can run RS no problem, but recently the game crashes and stops responding between map changes causing me to end the process through task manager. It seems to happen mostly on RS servers.
I can load all maps fine upon joining a server, the problem only exists between map changes.

I first thought this was crashing due to a ram issue since RS takes an absurd amount of ram (2+ gigs), and a few programs/browsers running in the background will quickly take up most of my ram; however I've tried running just the game from a cold boot and it results in the same crash.

I've also tried verifying local cache through Steam, uninstalling/reinstalling the game, and 
deleting files from:

steam\steamapps\common\red orchestra 2\rogame\config


\Steam\steamapps\common\Red Orchestra 2\ROGame\CookedPC

I basically have to quit out after every map and rejoin after the next game has started.

This problem has been posted about on Steam and Tripwire forums, but has never properly been resolved. Hoping someone from the Tek community can help.


My specs:

Intel 4770k OC 4.4ghz

MSI Z87 GD-65

G.Skill Sniper 8gb 1866mhz

Evga GTX 780 SC ACX


I run the game at 1920x1080 with pretty much all ultra settings

I have a similar setup and I am experiencing the same problems/crashes.

Bumping this since RO2 just had a mass give away and I still need help with it.

Most of the time the crashes will happen, but every now and then I can load maps without problem. Don't know why and cannot replicate them.

I fixed most of my RO2 problems by deleting all the config files and verifying the game through Steam. It appears that you have tried that. That fixed the crashing between maps, and the crashes on the splash screen.

I've never crashed on the splash screen, just between map loads. I'll try deleting config files and verifying again some time just to be absolutely sure. 

The funny thing is I can usually quit right after a match, wait until the server is done loading the next map, and still rejoin fast enough to grab sl2 most of the time...

all hail ssd boot times 

Yeah! I use my SSD to choose SL or Elite rifle/assault, where appropriate. Pro strategy.