Help with picking a new mouse

I am currently using a Logitech mk550 combo (k350 keyboard m510 mouse), which has served me well for the price, but I am wanting to get a better mouse as I find my current one a bit unresponsive in both games, work and general use. 

I have been eyeing off the Logitech g700s for a while, the only problem that i see with it is the thick cable that it comes with. 

The other is either the ROCCAT XTD or ROCCAT [+] (aside from the higher DPI/CPI on the XTD, I havn't quite worked out the difference between the two). I might be getting a ROCCAT Ryos keyboard in the future and the way the mouse and keyboard work together is major selling point to me.

Any advice regarding any of these products would be greatly appreciated.


well the best mouse i know is the Logitech Performance MX but if you like the ROCCAT  get One i never used it but i knew ROCCAT make great products