Help With PC Build (budget around 1600$)

Hey! I am going to build a new system this winter and would like some help to choose parts, so if you have any recommendations about parts please tell me. Also tell me what you think about the parts i have chosen so far, here is the part list:

Fractal define R4

intel core i7 4790K

Asus Z97-A

kingston hyperx 120GB SSD

Seagate 3TB harddrive

16GB crucial ballistix RAM

EVGA 750 ti FTW 2GB

Noctua NH-U9B SE2

cooler master 750s 750W Power supply 

Window 8.1 is not a part but...anyway thanks for any help! =D

Well, what are you going to be doing with the computer?  Rendering?  Gaming?

For a gaming system, you've skimped out on the GPU way too much.  Also,  the specific model of the power supply would help.

First of all thank you for the help. Well okey, mabey i should buy a cheaper processor and a better GPU something like an 770?

Btw the powersupply is an Cooler Master V750s, 750w, modular


If you are building it this winter I would wait to ask this after DDR4 memory is out and a new line of motherboards, and CPU's are out to support it.


Also the GTX 800 series and possibly some of the R9 300 series.

Both morgoth780 and linuxforyou have a point. But I have to disagree, if you want a PC, now is a great time to build one. Why?
DDR4 won't be cheap, and early motherboards will probably suck. GTX 800 series without competition will also be more expensive than usual. You'll have to wait another quarter or two of an year to get a nice mainstream card, and with that money you can get a r9 280 or even 290 (look for sapphire tri-x) or a gtx 770 and you're set.

You definitely don't need a 4790k for gaming, an i5 is the best at the moment. Also the powersupply is a bit too much, if you're certain you will use multiple video cards in the future then get a 750 or even 850w, if not you'll be fine with a quality 550-650w (12V amperage is what matters for video cards).

Prices might drop for ddr3 as ddr4 will be available. You also don't need 16gb for gaming, 8gb is good enough. Put the most money in the graphics card

Thank you!, i will consider all the tihngs and i think you have a point about the prices of DDR3 going down when DDR4 i out.

To be honest I would at least wait until the GTX 800 series, as that's only a month away. DDR4 wouldn't really be worth the wait unless you're going to spend a lot of money on a build.

Right now certainly would be a good time to build, but if you're wanting to wait until the end of this year/beginning of next year there will obviously be newer and better parts available.

Okey, i am still a bit short on the money so i will probably wait for the 800 series and see what comes out and what the prices are.

for the power supply get EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2 Gold Power Supply its awesome and has great reviews if you care about aesthetics for the cooler I'd get  - Be Quiet! Dark Rock PRO 3 CPU Cooler it take a shit on noc as far as aesthetics go and maybe get the evga gtx 770 with the reference cooler or wait like a bit for 800 series but meh and yeah white led strips to show off your shit.

Ha ha! Well i will cosider it, Thanks

If you wanted to build right now (although you said you didn't), I would maybe look at something like this:

If you don't want to overclock you could replace the i5 with a locked Xeon 1231v3. It's just an i7 without the iGPU, but costs a lot less.

That is a very interesting part list. I didn´t think a could have dual GPUs on this buget. Thanks!