Help with patch panel

So in my house I dropped lines to all the bedrooms, loft, living room, etc.. I dropped 6 lines from the patch panel up to the attic down walls to rooms all lines are less than 60ft. 4 of the 6 work. On all of the connections I did the exact same thing.I punch down on the patch panel on the other end I have a keystone jack, I use a tester to make sure everything is working, on the two that dont work, the tester flashes green on each number but no5. It skips No5. So what am I doing wrong for it to flash green on all numbers but one.

Please help not sure what I am doing wrong but this is driving me crazy. The two that dont work are both skipping No5. I double and triple check the patch panel and the keystone jack but I dont see whats wrong. I even changed the location on the patch panel and tried and new keystone jack, same results.

Everything was purchased at monoprice, the 300 ft of cable, patch panel, keystone jacks... I even bought another brand of keystone jack still doesnt work.

did you use a punch tool?

Yes I did. Trendnet TC-PDT is what I have. I have it on high impact.

Are you sure your wire is intact? No breaks? Nobody nailed thru it?

As I was up in the attic dropping the lines I made sure there were no kinks. No nails as I was the person who did it and know where the lines are and no construction on the house except drywall repair

maybe thats it.

have you tested the cable itself?
twist the pairs together and check continuity

drywall repair is with Spackle and not nails.

how do you do that?

So, on one end of the cable, you twist pairs together, example: green and white-green
On the other end of the cable, you use a volt meter continuity tester to verify that there is electrical connection looping back. You can also use a battery and a small lightbulb.

My bet is that you got your wires crossed at some point.
the trick is to leave your pairs twisted up to the last possible millimeter inside the jack.
it takes practice.

Don't unravel your pairs like seen in this pic.

Is it possible that one of the 8 wires in the Ethernet cable is "dead"?

I think this guy could do better, but his instructions are pretty good.

That's why I'm having him test continuity:

Look up.