Help with part compatibility

This is my first computer build and I feel that it is going quite well but I am not sure if this cpu cooler would work well with this mobo I'm concerned as to if it will get in the way of anything such as the ram slots. Any help would be much appreciated.

Can't say for sure, but I'd probalby go for a 120mm just to be safer.  Usually the only way to tell for these things is to search the reviews for the motherboard.  

Yes that would normaly fit, cause its compatible with socket 1155. but you probably need to use low profile ramm, cause that cooler might cover the first memory slot on the motherboard.

but you could ofc also go with a Phanteks ph-tc12dx cooler. also a great aircooler, as far as i know.

grtz Angel ☺

I am looking at a coolermaster v8 120mm also. I can get it for cheaper. Should I just go with that for a safe bet?

I looked at the phanteks. How would that compare to the coolermaster v8 if you know. I couldn't find one on google.

A comparison I mean

i indeed cant find a comparison on those 2 coolers, but i do know that the coolermaster V8 is also a very good thing. or the V6 GT.

but at the V6GT some people complain about noice.



The V8 will be roughly the same cooler than the PH-TC12DX, but the Phanteks looks better, in my opinion. I love Phanteks products, but the PH-TC12DX won't perform as well as the Zalman you chose. If I were you, I'd look into the Noctua NH-D14 - it is on sale, I believe, for $70.

yes ofc the 140 mm zalman would do a better job. completly forgotton to mention that.

The noctua is a bit much for me as I'm on the edge of my budget and don't have much I want to give up to get it. I can get the v8 for 47. As far as performance I am interested in overclocking but not to a great extent. I don't want to push it as far as I can. The ram I chose is a little high profile so I think I'll go with the v8. Thank you for the help everyone. I really appreciate it.

The v8 also fits a aesthetics of the rest of the parts I chose better than the phanteks.