HELP with overclocking

i got a new Asus G750JW, and i want to overclock it because i cant play most AAA game on mid-high settings and im pretty mad because it has a GTX 765m with 2GB of GDRR5 memory and i saw people play BF4 on high over 30 FPS but when i played it i couldnt even get 20 fps on on high


Intel i7-4700HQ @ 2.40GHz

12GB of 1600MHz RAM

GTX 765m with 2GB of GDRR5

1TB 7200 RPM HDD (i don't thing hard drives matter for better FPS)

Looks like a laptop. Is it overheating? That would be my guess, laptops aren't known for staying cool while gaming. 

nope the laptop is less then 50 degrees at all times even under full load

Huh, well that is strange. You think it is a driver issue? Do you know what others were using when getting 30+fps?

i have the latest drivers from nvidia's GeForce Experience i just want to know the best program to overclock with because i cant overclock from the BIOS and how do overclock safely i dont want to fry my GPU

From my understanding, laptops are very difficult to overclock. Most have to do hardware mods. There might be a program out there that allows your GPU to overclock, According to this thread

msi afterburner should work.

Good luck, but I'm not sure how much more you can squeeze out of that GPU.

well after i overclock it the temp went up to 70 but i still dont get any more fps

That is a bummer to hear. Guess your best bet would be to drop AA settings, and anything else in graphics settings that you feel you can live without.