Help with New PC build!

Hello, i plan on building a new PC for gaming. I live in Australia so if you use parts from pccasegear that would help me out a lot, I need a "smaller" system because i don't a lot of room.

I like the BitFenix Prodigy as a case but i am always open to suggestions. I also like the Radeon R9 280x as a graphics card also open to suggestions.

I plan to play games like Battlefield 4 and Metro: Last light on high/Ultra with 40-60 fps, i have a 1080p Monitor already.

I have a budget of $2000-$2500

Thanks in advance :)

This should max out any game out there. If you have no interest in streaming, and are sure you will never need to render, you can knock the RAM down to 8gb.

Thank you so much! :)