Help with new case!

Hey guys just want your guys ideas on some cases i have a Antec 900 case and its just a dust box and i have lost interest with it what new cases out there would you recommend?

I have been looking at the CM HAF the mid tower and full tower any other ideas?


um about 250NZD-400NZD ae so thats about 155USD-250USD ae

If you think 900 is a dust machine, don't even think about the HAF....
I have the 900 myself, shut the front fans off... :3

Antec P183 or p182 .. : 3

Wait for silverstones FT02 it looks friggin sick its coming out in either aug or oct not sure but the price should be around 200-250US

umm someone was telling me that you could buy thoes stretchy stocking things, cut them to size and use them as dust blocks for your fans...

yea did that ae but still you get some coming through ae

Antec 1200 or silverstone fortress mabye?

both good cases imo.

I wouldn't mind having the COOLER MASTER Storm Scout myself. That'd be my suggestion. I guess my other suggestion would be the Storm Sniper.


i need a new case too. i dont know if i should get a stacker 830 and a 1000 real power pro power supply or a storm scout with a 750 watt real power pro. I love the stacker but the shipping is expensive and it is overall much more expensive . teh storm would leave some room for another 4850 to crossfire or something else. VaepOr don't get a 922 they look good but really don't. Get a Haf 932 a stacker 830(wait for shipping deal otherwise very costly) or just get an antec 1200.

well if your running 4850's i would reccomend getting the scout at its a nice case and it doesnt seem like you have real need for the stacker unless you plan to upgrade with water cooling and gtx295 or 4870x2 grapics cards

na im running 2 9800gtx's but im not getting a scout looks to much like a antec900

bit of a wild card but how about the lian li pc-80 lol

On a serious note Antec 1200?? serves me good with a i7 and 4870x2 with lots of room for more good stuff

i might jsut wait till somthing awesome comes out ae

well i might get a 4850 x2 and then crossfire with one 4850 and make it three but i wouldnt be able to get the stacker with the psu. If i do i will have room for much bigger things later which is nice. well I'm also waiting for 40nm gpu's and there is nothing on pricing so im confused.

just wait for the 2010 cases to come out bro

Ya, I can't think of any cases that would be as effective as the 900 and look as cool? That's still a reasonable price... But if air cooling isn't holding you back get whatever case you like and liquid cool it.

i think i found 1 check it

Lian Li PC-888

Way to strange and expensive in my mind.
If you like Lianli I suggest one of these:
The raven or corsair's new case that is coming out this summer.