Help with Netflix

Hey guys,

Need help with subscribing to Netflix. I'm in Singapore,so i can't really access NF. VPNs have solved that issue but my problem now is actually subscribing to NF. They don't accept international cards or paypal accounts.

So..Here i am,hoping one of you guys would do me a huge favor and help me subscribe to NF.I'll Paypal you the sub fees monthly. I'm also open to sharing your NF sub(and i'll pay for my share). Whichever works for you guys.


Thanks a bunch

I won't help you the way you want me to, it's too risky for both parties.

What you could try is a prepaid-creditcard. Don't get one, first search about it. It's just something that popped into my head because I use one for a lot of google services and such :)

Good luck!

hmm wonder why you cant use paypal to pay, i do.

Cheezzzus - I've recently heard of this site that acts like what you mentioned. But i'm not sure if i should be trusting them with my details. Need to do more research on them. If you don't mind my asking,may i know what service you are using to pay for your google services?

Anarekist - My paypal account is linked to a non US issued card.That's why the payment can't get through.

Hey, Im using a Cash Passport from travelex for my google services. The cool thing about it is that you need to fill in a password/pincode when you pay with it in a store so it's quite safe. It's very handy for traveling or buying stuff on ebay and all that. I believe you have to pah a one time fee of like 5 bucks.

Good luck and I hope you can get it all sorted :) Maybe try out Hulu aswell, it's a similar service to netflix