Help with nas parts

Hay im building a nas out of old parts and bargain parts i couldnt pass.

i have 3 segate barracudas1tb each

80 plus seasonic sfx 300

kingston 2gb ddr 3 ram

and crappy old case

but this is what i need help with

i have asus p8h61-mx r2.0

and a amda4 5300 3.6 gh turbo dual core

the reason i have these is becasue i picked up every thing up for no more then 20 aus each new

but should i get a amd mobo or a intel cpu nothing crazy willing to spend 70 aus on a mobo or cpu

thanks for the help guys

grab whatever is cheaper it's a nas it's not under heavy load. If anything think about a nic.

Ram & NIC are the most important. What are you looking to use, freenas? If so, its recommended that you have at least 4GB of ram.


thanks guys but i just ended up being lucky enough to have a friend throughing out his comp so i got his asrock out and hised thanks guys for the help but