Help with my PC build not working

Hello Tek Syndicate! This is my first post here!

So I guess I'll start by posting the parts that I have bought. (I'm not sure if I can post links to Newegg but if I can't then I'll just list what I have.)

Case -

Power Supply -



Disc Drive -

Motherboard -

cpu -

Alright so those are the parts that were suggested to me.


Here's my problem, I had everything hooked up and when I went to turn it on, there was no display on the screen. I've been conversing with others about it on a different forum and we came to the conclusion that the motherboard was faulty, so I sent it back to get a replacement, I have the replacement and there is still no display. Right now I don't have the RAM, HDD or disc drive connected to the motherboard though but I tried without them and there is still no display. My PC speaker doesn't beep at all, even when I turn the motherboard on with only the power supply connected to it.

If you need any other information just ask and I'll answer.

Oh! Here's the topic of the other forum if any of you want to look it over. It has more information in it.


Thanks much for any help!

How do you set PCIE as the default graphics card? In BIOS? There's no display for me to change anything.

What's the number thing? You mean the H81M-P33?

edit: I should state that I'm using on-board graphics since I don't have a graphics card.

I'm also being advised to get a refund and try a different brand of motherboard.

I've connected everything to the motherboard and tried it again but there is still no display. I really need to figure this out so that I don't have to take it in to someplace like Best Buy or something since that will most likely be the case tomorrow.

Do any fans turn on?  Is there any sign of power when you try turning it on?

Also, are you new to system building?

Pictures will help as well.

All of the fans turn on, power supply fan, heatsink fan and the two fans that are on the case.

My current computer is built but I had help with it. This is my first time building a computer with no help.

I don't have any way to get pictures but I do have some real crappy ones that I took last week.

Here they are, I hope they help out but they aren't that good of quality.

That is indeed weird.  Since you haven't mentioned any weird automatic rebooting, I assume everything should be working fine.

Try both VGA and DVI with your monitor.  Try multiple monitors as well.

This is my second of the same motherboard but I tried the last one with a different monitor (VGA cable only) and with a DVI cable. Still nothing. I don't have the DVI cable anymore to be able to try with it but it seems like I just got another faulty motherboard. I'm thinking that I'm going to get a refund and just buy a different one. I think I am going to take it to Best Buy and have them see if they can find what's wrong with it. I have no idea how much that costs though and can't spend a lot of money on things like that.


I guess if this can't be solved then help finding a good motherboard that works with the parts I have but isn't very expensive would be much appreciated.

On a side note, is it bad if it's really hard to connect the 24-pin power cord to the motherboard? And yup, I have it in the correct way, it just takes a lot of force to get it all the way in.

Yeah, that 24 pin can sometimes be a bit annoying to get in.

Try a different model/brand of a motherboard.  If that is not the problem, you may have the very rare case of a defective CPU.

Alright so it's your second motherboard, and it seems like power is being delivered. The only other two components required for a boot are the cpu and memory. I've got bets that it's on the memory. Try a different memory stick and see if it will boot then. Also try plugging in a pair of headphones. most motherboards have a system of beeps (post beep codes) played to tell you if it booted properly, or if there is an issue. Consult your motherboard manual to decode those beeps. If your cpu or memory is bad, the motherboard can tell you via post beep codes

Doesn't hurt to try this.  I would expect the computer to constantly reboot itself if it had a memory problem, though.

I just thought of this as well. if your 24 pin power is good, but your 4 pin cpu power adapter is bad, your fans will still turn on while your cpu gets no power. Use a psu from another system that works to rule out that it's not the psu that's having issues. If you have a multimeter you could check individual pins from your psu

I've never seen a bad memory module in any system. In fact the only bad hardware I've seen was a old seagate hdd that was recovered from a system that caught fire. The person who initially built it put in a cheap psu. that plus a little dust started a fire in their system. surprisingly windows would still boot from this charred hdd, but it was very, very slow. Anyways, I've heard of tons of different issues resulting from bad memory. Anything from not booting at all, to rebooting, to running fine for 5 minutes before crashing. I don't want to leave any possibilities out so I thought we could check that and the psu. Like it was said earlier, it's rare for a cpu to be doa.

Would speakers work instead of headphones? I don't have or have access to a pair of headphones. I also don't have a different memory stick.

I think I should state that my old computer that I'm using is over 8 years old and the parts in it aren't really compatible with the new computer.

The only other psu I have is on this old computer and it doesn't even have a four pin.

If the cpu isn't getting power then the heatsink fan wouldn't turn on right? Or is that fan's power from the 24 pin?

I did put the new psu in the old computer and it worked just fine, even posted in a forum I go to while using it. Like I posted in the other forum, I was thinking about taking the computer to Best Buy and see if they could fix it. But I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.

One of them gave the suggestion that some motherboards require a video card because a video card is it's default setting and if you don't have one it won't go to the bios.

It could be your monitor. Have your tried it on a dvd player or a laptop? Your CPU has an inbuilt GPU so it doesn't require a discrete video card. Try disconnecting everything except the RAM and PSU then try to boot. Also switch slots for the RAM. If it doesn't work, disassemble and build on your motherboard box. 

I haven't tried on a DVD player or laptop but my monitor doesn't have an HDMI slot, only VGA and DVI. I have tried the new computer on an older monitor that also uses VGA and there was still no display. I have tried with the RAM in the other spot and I built it on the motherboard box first this time and there was still no display.

speakers will also work. Some motherboards don't have functioning post beeps however. I've even seen motherboards that are supposed to have them, but they don't function properly. If you remember old IBM or other computers from the late 90s, they actually had built in speakers on the motherboard that would beep once when booting. You will be listening to the same style of beeps.

I think I'm done with this motherboard and with the brand. Anyone interested in helping me find a different motherboard? The only cost limitation is to try to keep it 50$ and under. Thanks for the help but by the time I made this topic here I was already really frustrated with the no display situation.

Personally I've use gigabyte boards since my first build. The manuals, as well as labeling on the board have always made them my go-to. I have friends with Asus boards and they have worked. However, I've never spent less than $100 on a board. I can't vouch for quality on a $50 board. I do still find it hard to believe that you've had 2 DOA boards. Try swapping out parts with other computers. if you have a friend with a compatible cpu try theirs, or try your cpu in their computer. I'm just worried that you'll buy another board when it turns out your cpu or something else has been bad this whole time.

I do like Gigabyte boards.