Help With my New PC PLEASE

Hello Tek world i need your guys help please.

I have 1400€ (1.894,89$) for building a gaming pc. I just need the tower becase i already have the monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset.


I would like something the will last at least 4 years. 


Please anwser me quick becase i want to buy the PC in time for BF4 and CoD Ghosts.



What country do you live in? Prices vary a lot in europe (some parts that are dirt cheap in france cost a bomb in Spain, etc.)

Using your $1400 budget I came up with this:

It *might* be over your budget in euros (due to combos and parts being generally cheaper in the US). If it is, remove the SSD, change up the ram for a similar module (2X4GB 1600-2133MHz CAS 9/10). 

CPU: Best intel i5 out there. Great for gaming. If you have more money, consider the i7-4770k, not necissary for gaming, but does help slightly with BF4 and similar games that utilise more cores/threads.

Cooler: Pretty much the standard by now, great overclocking potential and runs really quiet.

MOBO: Good-Great overclocking, fairly cheap. Loaded with features.

RAM: It's a combo with the barracuda, but it's really fast.

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 64MB cache 7200rpm, best hard drive price-performance, much cheaper than WD but just as good,

SDD: Really nice SSD, use it to store your OS and such. Very fast, but if you want more speed consider the Kingston HyperX 3K instead. If you dont have enough though, just drop the SSD; it isn't necissary for gaming.

Video Card: Tek Synd have a video about this, great card. Once you get it ramp the memory clock up as high as it allows as long as it stays below 70-80 degrees.

or: If you wanna save money, you can get a HD 7970 instead as it is essentially the exact same thing, but the 280x has like a 3fps boost, if you are gonna go with the 7970 get the ASUS DCII, tek synd also have a vid on this.

If you cant afford, drop the GPU to a HD 7950 Boost, great card (do not get the 270X).

Case: Silent with great airflow, also has a window to show off. If you can't afford, downgrade to a Corsair 200R or NZXT Tempest 210.

Power Supply: Some would say that this is overkill, but considering the 280x draws almost 400w when using furmark, I included this in case. Also it's semi-modular and has the same capacitors as a SeaSonic.

Optical Drive: The cheapest one.

OS: Get Win8, please. It has a performance boost of approx. ~2-3 in most games and is snappier. If you do I advise you get StartIsBack and check out teksynd's vid on it.

i am from portugal and it is for 1800 dolars not 1400. you can see the price were in portugal in but tks for the help. And i dont need the dvd/cd reader and the OS


this would be a small bit over but it has a 4770k and a GTX780 and its like €40 over

Great build, and has the option for CrossFire upgradeablity with that PSU and motherboard.

tks dude but that is um pounds not euros.

take a look ate my config and tell me what you think.


CPU: Intel 4770k

MB: Gigabyte Z87X D3H

HD:Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA III

SSD: samsung 840 evo 250gb

PS: Corsair HX750w

GPU: MSI GTX770 TwinFrozr OC 2GBDDR5

Case: Corsair carbide 500R White.

Tell me what do you guys think and your sugestions.

Its just under 1400 Euros, it is from Spain though. I chose Spain because of its proximity to Portugal and I figured the prices would be similar.

Why did you put crossfire? Isnt better to put a stronger single GPU then 2 weaker ones?

Two 7950s will destroy anything for a long time and you can't come anywhere near the performance for the price.

But a lot of games are not optimise for crossfire or sli. Logan made a video about it.

An overclocked 7950 is only a little bit behind a 770, so even if the game isn't optimized well for crossfire, you will be getting better performance.