Help with my first pc build    <--- here is the commponents. will this build work?  THX!!!

Something like this would be better for the $650 mark.

Do you actually think a $30 GPU will be good?

$100 PSU, hue hue hue

Bulldozer CPU when Piledriver is out and 10000x better

1600 ram on an AMD build

>buying windows, 2011+2

Spending more on your motherboard than your CPU


Just go with what SecretAuthor recommended, It's 99.99% better in every way. Sorry if I come off as a twat but I want to point out incorrect things so you can learn.

I don`t want 6 or 8 cores because some programms don´t know how to use that many cores. I did´t found that psu that i will buy it cost 50€ and the psu that i chosed was close to it. In the future (when i have money) I will buy sapphire hd7870 2g and allso i have hard drive, oppticaldrive and os ready so those parts i don´t have yet costs 430€.            I JUST WANT TO KNOW DO THIS WORK!    BUT THX ANYWAY

1. that psu was close to that psu that I will buy (its 2 times cheaper than 100).

2. amd fx-4170 is good enough for me.

3. in future i will buy same kit of ram so i have 16gt 1600 mhz.

just tell me does this work. thx