Help with my first gaming PC build

since this is my first gaming pc build i want something kinda simple and cheapish.

i was wondering if i should use the Amd A10 5800k with the apu crossfired with the Amd Radeon 6670 im not sure what  motherboard to it worth getting 16gb ram for this build?can i make a budget computer with this CPU?can anyone help me make it less then $600  or even $500 but if you need to try to make it make less then $750 but i would like it to be less then $600.if you think i can get better performance on games without this CPU fpr a better price then give me some build that i can think about.



Thank you this will be my first gaming computer and i wont be playing really intensive games like BF3 and if i did choose to i would just lower the setting to get the right FPS.

Are you locked on that CPU or can I make one with like a I3 and a dedicated GPU? and also 16GB of ram is a lot and woun't really be needed in any game what so ever now if you are like rendering or multitasking alot of stuff then go for it but 8 or even 4GB will do you just fine I will build one and get back to you on it maight make a few to broaden the variety in it.


this one is a intel I3 at $639 and it will play most anything you throw at it on medium settings it also has 8Gb of 1866 ram.

This is a AMD phenom x4 build that is better in my opinion for a little bit more it should play any thing you throw at (maybe no farcry 3) at high if not ultra and should get above 35 FPS on high and medium settings.

that AMD build is not bad, but lose the 2133 ram since it makes no difference over 1600

and get a PSU besides antec, any of the Rebranded Seasonic PSUs (XFX Corsair and some others) or a rebranded Superflower PSU which is rosewill would be better

Yea I was looking at those for this build but to keep in the price rande with the parts I chose the antec and personaly had good luck with them and it was 80 plus so I went for it on the builds.

i just put this together really quick, should be in your price range, you might want to go for an AMD build with a FX4300 or a FX6300 or (change the graphics either to 7950 if you can spare the extra cash or a 7850 if you want to same some money.

The A10 is for tight budgets. You can build something like this: and play games at 720p for a few months while you save up for a 7870. If you have the cash now, try and get the 7870 along with a Phenom II x4: 

There's also the i3 3220 and FX 6300 if you have th extra cash. 

i will take any builds that are in my budget range.

Is the A10 a good CPU to have and will it be fine if i do feel like upgrading to a better graphics card or would crossfiring the Apu with the Radeon 6670 good enough for a whille?

My Build for under $500 on newegg

-NZXT 410 case

-WD blue 1TB hd

-MSI FM2 a85x ATX mobo

-Corsair Builder Series CX430

-Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

-AMD A10-5800k trinity

-G.Skill sniper series 8GB 1866 mhz ram

should be really fast, especially if you crossfire with a radeon 7770


you can crossfire a 5800K with a 7770, only with a 6770

you probably can crossfire the upcoming 6800K with a 7770 though

I honestly wouldn't deal with the APU cross fire because if you want to upgrade the graphics card latter the CPU will not be very good go with a dedicated graphics with the phenom or FX-6300