Help with my Corsair enthusiast system :)

Hello to everyone on this lovely forum! I've been a big fan of corsair ever since I got into computer building. It seems like everything they make is really nice. Ok, now. Let me start off by saying I am VERY picky. some requirements:
1: Has to be a closed water cooling (for looks, super huge for me. it could perform 2x and would only be worth a penny to me)
2: WHITE themed. soon to add green LED case fans
3: I need the 3770k, so don't go all i5y on me.
4:  I'm iffy on the GPU. I'd like to fiddle with adobe some so I kinda want cuda, but idk. :/
5: BUDGET. Hugeeeeee thing of course. My budget is 1530$ including a 200$ monitor and a 30$ mouse mat. (already have a mouse and kb [Mouse is NAOS 3200, fuckin' love it, excuse my french. KB is a 5$ rosewill, lol)

Ok, finally, What I have so far. Everything's gotta be from corsair and preferable white or black, with cold accent (ie the mobo) I'm open to suggestions:
CPU: i7 3770k (Hopefully OC'd to 4.5-4.6GHZ stable with only a tiny bit over stock for the voltage)

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 670 (just the standard one, 379.99 on newegg)

MOBO: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard

RAM: 2X4GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1600MHZ CL9 (9-9-9-24) (White heatsync)

PSU: Corsair builder series 600W (CX600)

CASE: Corair C70

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i

STORAGE: WD Blue 500GB 7200RPM 6gb/s (I don't want or need an ssd, I'll buy one later if they get cheap)

And that's what I got. Might buy a couple Corsair fans for the case and a couple cooler master green LED fans for the side panel slots later. +I'll be upgrading the PSU to like an XFX850w and another 670 and 2 more monitors in may or july.  I'm confused on what GPU to buy mostly, or if the Kraken X60 really is THAT much better. I like that corsair returns parts that get leaked on (I think, lol) +general corsair quality. Any info on the krakens warranty? GPU advice? This system will be used for gaming, video rendering, and general web browsing. don't need an optical drive, friend is lending me his and a (totally not pirated) windows 7 disc for install. that's all I'd need it for. I don't use up much storage either so 500gb should be plenty.


quick edit, just in case, here are links to all the parts (ignore the xigwhatever fans, they're for my friend) :)

Also, My reaction to this website being 10x better tham tomshardware and gets 100x less traffic:

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get a WD black if ur not gonna get an ssd

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WD black is just WD blue with an extrended warranty for 20$ more, which you can buy on the blu for 9$. just sayin.

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I need suggestions on the GPU, mostly

Lol, ya, toms is a little weird, but down to buisness.

Nice build overall, but my one question is, why all corsair? Yes, they are nice, they have quality stuff, but not everything they do is automatically better than everyone else.

Now, if you are ok with the kraken, I would suggest you take a look at the H220 from Swiftech (Linus has a video). It performs a bit better in that test, but is upgradable to a custom loop if you ever want to do that. If you don't, the kraken is better

As for the HDD, get a TB, its like $5 more, just do it. Why not? thats $0.01/GB!

As for the graphics card, get a 670 or 7970. You should be able to get either of those for just over $300 after MIR

black also has more cache and better firmware and controllers



If it's not on newegg I can't get it, so that's why I'm not really considering the H220. I just like the idea of having a 1 brand based system. Because I've had the comp im on now for 4 years and I've used 70GB. Why waste the 5$? I could put it towards an ssd. 670 or 7970 though? I knew I should get one of those, I'm not e-tawded, I need to know WHICH. the 670 is like 20$ cheaper btw. and I really prefer the EVGA cooling design, just for looks. thanks :)

he just likes corsair. it's a fan build



Oh, well, lookie here. welcome to my hell. I gotta go (Sister needs my laptop for some shit)  But I'll come back  later and refresh this. thanks for all the help, feel free to leave suggestions for me to see. CTRL+D babbe

Oh shit, forgot to say, if anyone can find a really trusted site to buy an H220, i'll check it out, but I really do love me my corsair :) thanks a mil, sorry If I'm just pooping everywhere here.

Bak for an hour or so. So what was it you were saying about a 670 or a 7970? :)

A little of this and what I said, haha

At its most basic, go Nvidia if want 3D or some Adobe programs to perform better. Go AMD if you want Eyfinity (multi display) and slightly better frames. 

If I were you I would wait a few weeks or months for AMD to come out with there next promo (speculation)

As for the H220, its not out yet, it has just been anouced at CES, it is currently under production, so will likly be available in the coming weeks (maybe a month).

I Do have a budget. I'm only 15 so no real way to make a stable income (especially where I live, where you gotta drive 30 minutes to get to a decent sized town) so 1500$ is all I got.  I can't afford 16gigs of ram , a 650D, and an AX850 without dropping something else, which I really don't want to. And i REALLY like the white theme. I even considered bying an asus sabertooth 1155 and getting its heatshields custom painted white (decided not to because that bitch is expensive, so I'd have to get like a 7870)

Even the zip-ties I bought are solid white :? I'd like the psu cables/cooler/mobo to be black, the case and the ram white, so it's mostly white with black accents. I'll add green LED fans later. ;p I'll be running games in 1080p on full ultra settings, BF3 mostly. suggestions for that?

Also, I just wanna express how happy I am with my mouse. I've had it for like a month. I. am. in. love. My friend has a deathadder, my other friend has a G700, other friend has a corsair mouse (would love to have the 65 white corsair mouse just for shits and giggles) and I prefer my Mionix NAOS 3200 over ALL of them. we all palm grip and have pretty big hands. all my friends agree that mine's the comfiest. The friend with the Deathadder even bought one to use instead :) I AINT NO BOT. I'm just so happy with it asdlkjgadkajdakjdgalkdagjdkljlskajdakjkjg

However, that said, what I COULD do,  Is buy a 7950, and combo a 2500k with a sabertooth Z77 1155. AND BUY WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT WOOOOOHHHHH. But IDK about that, It'd decrease performance by quite a bit :/ would look 10/10 baller though..... IDFK

I Do have a budget. I'm only 15 so no real way to make a stable income (especially where I live, where you gotta drive 30 minutes to get to a decent sized town) so 1500$ is all I got.  I can't afford 16gigs of ram , a 650D, and an AX850 without dropping something else, which I really don't want to.

I really want to post nothing but a link to prove my point, but i'm not sure you'll follow this build without my notes.


You can drop the frivilous shit, like the h100i, and pick up an h100.

I will never buy an asrock board as long as i live.

I consider thunderbolt a must for a bit of future proofing.

If you give me $250 i will buy you an i7 3770k at my microcenter for $230 and ship it to you.

Corsair SSD's are 'spensive so we're rolling with the 120gb kingston since its on sale.

White and Green aint gonna fly, Black and Blue.

We are not going to bottleneck the 3770k with a 7870, it's a crime, we're going to roll with the 670.

If you roll intel you wont need 850 watts, even with sli. Feel free to drop to a non-modular bronze (like the builder series) if money is an issue.

You shouldn't limit yourself to newegg. If your parents dont want to register for more than one thing then open your own bank account and use your own card. If you need a justification tell them it will save them/you close to like $200.

I won't recommend a monitor as i am not knowledgable in that area.

Tried to stay true to your corsair dream, but they dont make much in white besides mid tier cases and super expensive ram. If you can't get to a microcenter to buy that i7 3770k, you could buy an alternative cooler, ram, and case. I tried to keep your color scheme but no one makes 16gb white ram kits at 1600mhz.

You should buy corsair AF/SP 120/140s for your case/cooler. iIhave them, cheaper than noctuas but equal performance (plus white or blue rims, idk if they sell green). 

Also pick your own hard drive, there's no real difference between samsung/seagate/WD.

I'm trying to save about a $200 for the monitor, but i'm assuming you can get to a microcenter and buy the i7 (or have me ship it to you). I can't stress the importance of an SSD, you may not want one, but you NEED one, however if this build is too far overbudget when you buy your hard drive, drop the ssd.

You're on a budget and you're demanding some pretty highend parts. I don't know what they're for but you're going to have to make concessions or you'll wind up paying top dollar for yesterday's tech. I get that you're picky but you're 15 you have no money and it seems like the concept of value is a little foriegn to you. For $1500 you shouldn't build a pretty rig with with $900 worth of performance. That's like having 30k for a car and opting to buy a used mazda for 11K, then dropping 19 on rims and a paint job. Don't matter how pretty the fucker is, you won't win races and you won't like driving it.

Hey! Thanks for the input! I'm really set on the case and color scheme. It's gotta be pretty ;) but I get what you're goin at. I'm super scared of leakage and warranties with a Cllosed loop, btw. I'm goin to microcenter in a couple days  (it's in cincinnati OH, i'm in paint lick KY, just for a reference of how far we gotta drive)to pick up a 3770k.  It needs to be like 1430 MAX including 200$ for monitor, 30$ for mousepag and -100$ on the cpu. Weird, huh. If My mom didn't have to go to CN this weekend on business anyway I'd take you up on your offer. thanks you're the first person to offer, i can't count how many people/times I've asked. for the ram I can always buy 2 of the kits i have (expensive but it's whatever, I'm upgrading this as i go anyway.) So hmmm.. Any advice after this info? ;p

What the fuck newegg. In the 5 minutes it took me to rearrange some stuff to fit in the ssd it went back up 20$ -.-smh make up your mind