Help with my 7950

Oh boy I hope I’m posting this in the right place.

So here’s the thing I’ve had my system built for a few weeks now other than my GPU. Well I just got my sapphire 7950 in the mail hooked it all up and bam no display. So I unplugged it but left it in the pci slot, the fans on the gpu still seemed to be running so I plugged it back in and tried to switch the monitor to the hdmi port on my card and still nothing. I tried to install the drivers every way they presented them to me. The ati catalyst software said it installed but came across issues, yet big surprise it wouldn’t tell me what the issues are.

So I’m here to ask for any sort of help you guys can offer.

System is as follows:

CPU: i5-3570k @ 4.5 ghz

Mobo: Msi z77IA-E53

GPU: This sapphire 7950

RAM: 16gb ADATA XPG Gaming Series DDR3


SSD: Kingston Hyper X 3k 240gb

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2Tb


Thanks in advance

Any chance you still have your integrated graphics still enabled?

Uhm.....yes.....yes i do.

I should probably turn that off.... 

Uhg damn i feel stupid.

And hey there we go things working right.

Please excuse my stupidity.



Glad to know it worked! Have fun with the 7950! 

Well hell it’s on the fritz again. The windows integrated graphics seems to have turned itself back on and now windows will not register my card in the device manager.

Try running just 12.11 drivers. 13.1 has issues.

Have you gone into the Bios and set PCI-E as the primary graphics adapter ?