Help with Mobo

I just need help with the mobo. I want something that is fm2 also that has crossfirex compatible

I would like a mobo within the range of 70-80 dollars, The cheaper the better heres the build the mobo is going with

Well, if you want an FM2(+) motherboard, you will need an FM2 CPU; and FX-6300 will NOT work in an FM2 socket. With that said, I'd recommend going with an Athlon 750k. I would also recommend a GPU upgrade with the CPU savings (R9 270). I also wouldn't recommend going the FX route, especially if you're overclocking, as there aren't any good AM3+ motherboards under $100.

Another thing to note is power supply. A minimum of 600w is recommended with any CrossFire configuration. Some rough estimates state that the system can pull 490W, which is a bit too close for comfort with a 500w PSU, and just not possible if you intend to overclock. Again, I recommend a minimum of 600w on the PSU, if you actually intend to follow through with Crossfire.

After some adjusting, here is what I came up with: