Help with MoBo choice

So I'm going to build a new pc in a couple of months, but I have some problems with the choice of a MoBo.

My budget is around 700-800 euro (I think that's about 800-900 dollar?), I prefer a XF-8350 cpu and 7970 gpu. What MoBo would fit best?I'm not going to overclock and probably not expending or upgrading in the first 1-2 years.


i would say take a look at the following 2 boards.

  1. Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0. 6+2 powerphase digi vrm
  2. Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty killer. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm, gold plated sollid caps.

Both of thease boards are great for an FX8350. the Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty killer, i a very new board, this board comes with some very nice feutures, like m-sata, killer nick E2200 lan. realtek alc1150 audio codec with headphone amp. for headphones upto 600 ohms. i think its a very nice board for arround €120 + good color scheme.

The Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 is also a very sollid board.

I think you need to decide what this new PC is for before choosing the components (or even choosing a turn key system). Is if for Home Theater stuff or a server of some (other) kind? Is it for general office work or do you intend on doing some video/graphics editing? Or do you intend on doing some gaming?! (In which case, you may want to abandon the whole AMD side.)

Decide what you want your PC to do and I'm sure you'll get better suggestions.

Sorry I can't be of any more help then that. Good luck...


AMD FX8320 or FX8350 is great for gaming and prductivity aswell. ☺

Its also cheaper then intel, so yeah ☺

I want it to be a good overall pc. Good for gaming, recording, streaming, editing, photoshop, etc. Not planning to use it for extreme high quality, but I do want it to be really fast. I chose AMD because it gives me the best quality/price rating. Maybe better to go for the 6 core amd processors?

No stay on the 8 core, but you could go for the FX8320, if you like to save some euro´s.  this is basicly the same chip as the FX8350, but only lower stock clocked.

LOL,what's wrong with AMD?My 8320 OC wrecks every i5 out there and is just on par with the i7 in terms of gaming,and while streaming+other apps running at the same time the i7 falls behind in performance.

^this.Girl knows what she's saying.