Help with Mini Ryzen Build for Linux

Hi Guys,

I looking to build a small pc that I can easily move around for running Debian, Postgres and QGIS.

I watched Wendals video around the Asrock Deskmini, So I’m considering this option.

Ryzen 5 3400G CPU
Nuctua Cooler
M.2 drive

But I’d be interested to hear peoples take?

Would buying a bigger form factor motherboard give me better performance? I still want something that’s very portable?

And advice would be much appreciated

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ITX mainboards seem to be a rare thing unless it’s just the suppliers I normally use in Australia just don’t stock them, it peeves me that ITX AMD boards are hard or impossible to find, If you only need one PCI-E slot and two RAM slots, then that’s all you need, the difference between mATX and ATX boards is mostly features and number of slots/ports supported, performance mainly hinges on fast RAM with Ryzen so i think you would be better off with a mATX board and the fastest RAM you can reasonable afford rather than getting a much larger and more expensive ATX board but getting slower RAM.

I run Debian on an Asrock AB350 ITX board with a 2400G.

My intended purpose for this rig was my main workstation. Basically, I regret it.

Pretty much all of the value of the G-series CPUs is the onboard video, and you pay for that value in the form of increased RAM consumption and slower processing capability.

For geting work done, that’s a bad tradeoff.

If portability is your absolute most important consideration, build a ATX box with a CPU that’s more suited for work than a G-series, stick it into a corner somewhere you won’t notice, and SSH in from a budget laptop.

While I love ITX conceptually, I dislike it pratically for everything except HTPCs. You can get smaller, more efficient and cheaper industrial systems if size, noise, and budget are driving factors. You can get much more performance and flexbility for the same price using mATX.

ITX seems to combine all of the drawbacks of both without their benefits in every use case except “use the onboard graphics to play movies”.

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Not really, mainly more expandability.
But a decent mini itx like for example the Asus x570-i strix board,
will give you similar overclockability then a decent atx board for that matter.

So if you want a mini itx Ryzen system,
there are a couple of pretty decent x470 / x570 itx board options out there.
But also in the B450 line there are reasonable options as well.

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