Help with Lutris and Origin

OK, I’ve gotten Battlefield 3 working in Lutris with Origin on Ubuntu 18.04. I want to play my other games I have in Origin, but for example, I told origin to Install Crysis 3. It installed it all the way, but once it was done, I tried to launch the program. And it won’t launch. The Origin client just disappears, re-appears and nothing happens.

Am I gonna have to install origin AGAIN in multiple instances just to play each game? That would be insanely stupid if so.

Please help. Any help is appreciated.

not to be OT to much… but did you have to install wine/vulkan stuff separately from steam?

I already had them installed because of Lutris. Steam has it’s own linux client, and steam has it’s own wine derivative called proton.

To my knowledge, I haven’t installed any Vulkan stuff. Maybe when I installed Lutris? But not sure. It was a while ago for Lutris.

The only thing I have had to do, is download a newer Kernel with Ukuu because the default Kernel didn’t have good drivers for my video card. I’m running kernel 4.17.4-041704.

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Were you able to get Crysis 3 working from within Origin and Origin being launched using Lutris?

IF yes, what version of wine does it show you have in terminal with that command of " wine --version" ?

wine-3.6 (Ubuntu 3.6-1) here. When I click to launch it, absolutely nothing happens except Origin being auto minimized to my panel’s right hand part.

Crysis 2, however, runs very well from what I can tell so far. Bought both games from Origin ( would prefer to buy from if they would ever get 2 and 3 on there. Alas only Crysis 1 and Warhead are available)

It says I have wine version “wine-4.0-rc2 (Staging)”

I was NOT able to get Crysis 3 working unfortunately and due to life and such I ended up not pursuing it.

But I have gotten to work and also Overwatch. Which is awesome. I also got those installed from Lutris through their webpage.