Help with liquid temperatures?

Hello !
I am using a kraken x60 kit to cool my cpu down :)
I am getting liquid temperatures of around 30°C (86°F), is it okay ?
Thanks for your answer, as a PC gaming newbie, I don't know what to think !
Thanks again !


Yep they are normal.  as long as your liquid temps are below 50 deg C  under load you are fine

What cpu do you have?

Perfectly normal.

 have an AMD fx-8350 :)

Thanks to all of you guys !! 
If I may, here is another question : what GPU core temperature would you recommend not to exceed ?
Thanks again, and enjoy your day,

I have an FX8350 too and I try not to let mine get above 65c.

AMD "Officially" Says that 61c is the max. In reality, as long as you dont get near 70c, you should be fine. Id even say 68 is okay. But near and after 70 starts to degrade the life of the CPU.

Yes i find my FX8320 throttles down to 1.6Ghz @ 62c to get the heat down then gos back up antill it hits 62c again.

Lol, I turned all of my 8150s safty features off. OCed it to 4.6 with a dark knight 2. runs at 68c.

Thanks guys, and what about graphic card temperatures ??
Thanks to all, it's very helpful 

Here are my temps on my FX 8350 with a custom loop. Ambient temp about 20c but temps gets down to 4 or 5c depending on room temp