Help with Linux on Acer Chromebook 810 with ARM Tegra K1

I’ve been having problems trying to get Linux on my Acer Chromebook 810. It has a Nvidia Tegra K1 ARM processor. I like using an SD card for the installation. Have used crouton before but it was very buggy and sluggish.

What Distro did you want to use?

–EDIT: nevermind, looks like chromebooks are a bit complicated–

Gallium OS is your go to for this.

If you’re going to go for gallium, be sure to read the docs carefully. It’s based off xubuntu, so it should be easy enough and stable.

Gallium OS hardware compatibility does not support ARM: they do not ship with compatible firmware, and custom firmware is not presently available.

Seriously? Damn. I thought most chromebooks were ARM. What’s the use of gallium then?

I’m clearly out of my depths here. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

I found ArchLinux ARM, but will need some help installing it properly.

This isn’t the same system, but it should be a pretty similar process.

I just don’t know what system image you’ll need because your device isn’t listed on their compatibility list.