Help with home server/small game server


I'm looking to build a home server, for backups, fileserver and the other usual stuff (maybe even a VOIP server?). but i also want i to be able to host a game server for me and my friends. i do not expect that we will be more than 4-5 on at a time (at max) and we all live somewhat close to eachother. 

i'm new to all this server business, and need help ;) i would like to know if the hardware i choose is gonna be good enough and which software i should use?

the game server part i gonna be running CSGO, minecraft and stuff  like that (not at the same time)


WD red 2tb drive (to begin with, will add more)

Noctua NH-U12S

Fractal Design R4

corsair RM450W gold

FX-8320 black (could go 8350 if it will even make a difference)

i'm not sure about which mobo i should use (Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5???)

8GB kingsten hyperx beast 2400MHz


country- Denmark

budget-around $1000 plus/minus a few hundred

main pc-win 7 ultimate (i know that microsoft home server like ether pro or ultimate)


is there any other information you need?

thanks in advance!


ps. if you recomend any software, could you give a link to somewhere i could learn how to use it? please.

 pss. sorry for the poor english

windows home server***** XD my bad, i'm so stupid!

The hardware is a little OP for what you are going to do with. Yes you could look at it from the angle of "But it won't need upgrading or changing for a while".

CS:GO uses very little resources although does benefit from a slightly faster CPU. But not a highly threaded CPU.

Minecraft is just a RAM hog and also benefits from a fast processor. Again not multi threaded (unless using bukkit and the plugins are programmed to offload to other threads)

VoIP doesn't require much in the way of processing either.

You could look at using an i5 instead as although it has less threads it does have the higher IPC. Although you could counter this with an OC on the AMD.

Personally, I'd look at using a *nix based OS. Debian is a nice starting point (although other may recommend other things). Save your money instead of buying a Win license.

Software....... Only the stuff that needs to be running should be running. With a Debian base use Samba to file share and SSH to remote manage with terminal. You could use Apache to provide a web interface if you want to get nitty gritty and make one.

thank you for your answer :) i will look into the i5 ;) and about Debian, idk the thing about win is that i get 75% off, because of my work ;) (and win server essentials dosn't need CAL's) and i'm allready used to windows server, plus i have friends who are experts in windows/windows server, and i like the fact the sence of security that they would allways be able to help me out xD but do you think 8 gb is enough ram then for minecraft, i should be from what i have read?

I'm just going to support the *nix suggestion. It's free, easy, widely supported, and doesn't use nearly as many resources as windows on idle. It takes some getting used to sure but it really pays off. Plus it's free all you'll lose is time.


I personally have an i3, with 8GBs of RAM, 1TB HDD, and a 120SSD. With Ubuntu Server 12 driving the bus. Boots in 10 seconds from cold start and 15 seconds a MineCraft server is loaded and running. I also have scripts setup to back up the logs and maps. I've used it to host to web server, FTP, SSH, and much more all on the same rig. Oh yeah have a TS3 server up there as well.

at the same time!? because then i'm in! ;) only thing is i suck at programming. i have had a few classes, but only like 20 hours total, and that was C#

okay, i'm am up to try out something like Debian or ubuntu or something :) problem is i'm gonna need a lot off help :/ do you guys know a great website/forum/youtube channel that can give me the knowlegde? would be fun to be able to use a OS like Debian, and i have allways wanted to try linux. but i have allways thought i was too hard :/

i tell you what, in the area i live in the have been a lot of burglaries, could i set up a survaliance server/just store the live camera footage from an IP-cam? and make me able to watch it/browse old footage remotely?

i run windows 7 Ultimate on my desktop that is like my server because i use my laptop for like everything and i have 2 1 terabyte hard drives in my desktop and a 500 gigabyte one for the OS alone and i run virtual machines of like FreeNAS and other servers then i have a web server "Abyss Web Server" running inside my main OS and a bukkit minecraft server with 6 gigabytes of RAM allocated to it and it runs fine when like 15 users get on it and start doing random things like loading in world chunks and run off in all different directions. I dont know if i would be much help but you can email me at [email protected] and ill answer any questions you may have quicker than posting on this forum that may never get fully answered..;p

thank you, i will email you if i can can't find a solution to the problem, don't want to shower you with emails ;)

and also what should i do with the partitions? when setting it up, when i have 2 tb? i keep reading about these kind of examples "As an example, an older home machine might have 32MB of RAM and a 1.7GB IDE drive on /dev/hda. There might be a 500MB partition for another operating system on /dev/hda1, a 32MB swap partition on /dev/hda3 and about 1.2GB on /dev/hda2 as the Linux partition."

If you install Ubuntu or Debian this should be all automatic. A good website, at least for Ubuntu and some Debian questions would be Ask Ubuntu. It's a great site just be sure to use the search function! For just playing with Linux and testing with I find installing it with the defaults the best/easiest way to do it. Like another user said virtual machines are a great way to get started messing with Linux if you don't happen to have an older machine somewhere. If you have an issue with Linux send me a PM I'm mid level Linux guy (So I would like to think.) and I'd be happy to help someone into the world of Linux.



For your RAM concerns use this:

I use a refurbished Dell Poweredge R200 with a Xeon, 8GB RAM, 1TB WD red and a 120GB SSD. For the price ( ~ 300 € ) it's pretty good. Try to find something nice on ebay, it's crazy cheap ( rather favorable ).

For the OS use what fits your needs and saves your purse.


That's actually a good idea, servers older from ebay used are great deals, you also don't have to worry too much about hardware abuse and they are made to run 24/7. The main problem with them is people hate the noise they produce, I honestly don't care too much about that.

I purchased a D-Link IP camera that works really well. (DCS 630 or 620 I think) It has the option to email you when movement is detected or to upload a image to your PC VIA FTP. I paid ~ 40 USD for it.

the server is going to be in my room, so a 1 or 2u server is not a good idea ;)

thank you, i think i'm gonna  go with debian, and also i just installed it on my laptop (virtual machine as you told me to) and is has a option to connect to a server, have i installed the wrong version? is there a specific server version, i just picked 7.5 wheezy and told it not to install a desktop ekspirience.