Help With Graphics Card Choice!

Hey this is isnt for a fanboy battle, its for Nvidia Shield compatibility. I did originally have plans to get a ASUS 3GB AMD Radeon 7970 Direct CU II. But now i find out today for the Nvidia shield to stream games from my PC I need a GTX 600 Series for optimal streaming. I had a quick look at my local computer shops website and found a ASUS 2GB Nvidia GTX 670 Direct CU II for roughly the same price of my original card. But Im just asking which card is better ?

Also I forgot to mention that im on the fence about getting a Shield aswell considering there is no solid price for them. So i dont want to invest in a card and then not need it.

Well the 670 and 7970 are pretty close in most of the charts. In games what use a lot of Physics, the Nvidia is better, in Metro 2033 the AMD is better. It all varies on the resolution, optimisation and so on, but in 1080p, the Nvidia does seem to be a little bit faster, in games like Crysis 2, Skyrim, Bf3.

As for Nvidia Shield, Im guessing its gona be for Nvidia cards only. (According to the website, GPU: Nvidia Kepler based Geforce 650 or 660M or higher)

Somebody will most likely crack it in the future, but its propably safer to get the nvidia card.


Anyway, this is what i think, but since i have been using Nvidia 600 series cards, and havent really tested the AMD cards, i might be wrong.