Help with GIMP

Im in no was or fashion a photoshop or gimp user. My wife took some pictures for our announcement that she's pregnant tonight and the only one she likes has her arm in the way. I told her I might be able to shop it but I'm quickly getting fustrated.

I took a part of a second picture and moved it over into the picture we want and am trying to get it moved around. I can get it into the new picture but once it's there the tool is just trying to do it's thing and I can't select the new image inserted into the old image.

How do I select that new image I inserted?

Image of what I'm working on. You can probably see where I'm trying to get. There might be a better way to do this, but I'm just running off of what feels right.

make sure to name the layer the pasted image is on and then use the move tool to move it

il see what I can do, if you need.

@Eden, could you kick this over to photography? I think this would be looked at by a few more competent eyes over there.

Don't bother, it's fine. ;)

@HelloMrOwl, you probably have to open both images as layers, align them and erase the part that you don't want to have in the shot. Let this be your lesson to never think or say "I'll just shop it later" again. Ever.

I appreciate that, but I got it after an hour or so. "M" moves the layer. Once I figured that out it was just trial and error getting crap to work.

That's my wife fault. Her mom and her took the pictures at like 6pm yesterday while I was on the range. She picked the picture when we got home and was like "can you shop this?" I figured I could, but that stuff isn't too easy to the ignorant eye.

This is my before and after though. obvious novice stuff in there, but it was just to pop on facebook and did it's job.



I came into this thread thinking it'd be something mundane.
Turned out to be both already solved, and absolutely hilarious.

Yeah. That face is hilarious. She has the goofiest expressions.