Help With Gaming Build for Friend

Hello, I recently built my first gaming pc and it inspired my friend to do so as well. Unfortunately, he has a tighter budget then mine, but here's what I've been able to put together

His budget is $900 USD, with a tiny bit of flexibility adding at the most $40 extra. I didn't choose a case because I don't know much about cases and when I recommended the Fractal Define R4, he said he didn't like it. So can everyone help us get the best bang for our buck and recommend a good case please? 

Also, he needs a display but he wanted to spend his budget on just the computer so it would be as good as possible. He has a very crappy one to work with for the time being, but if someone could manage to fit a good display into the budget without sacrificing performance, you would be a God. Thanks everyone. 

Does he plan to overclock?

Too lazy to add periphs.

No overclocking this time around. How much are we sacrificing with the MOBO downgrade?

My friend has an extra windows 7 key from when his dad built a computer. He doesn't want windows 8. 

So taking off windows 8 and adding a display to come up at $920 seems pretty good.

The only thing I need to know is what we are sacrificing with that Mobo.

Did a little research and he isn't comfortable going with anything but a 990fx chipset for one of amd's 8 cores. So we went back to the original mobo bringing it to $964, with a display.

Still not bad. Any more advice, anyone?

That looks good to me.

Hey, I did some changes to the list to make it closer to that $900 mark, I changed the Graphics card to a 760 instead of the r9 280x.  I also changed the case to one that I have built in before and it works great.  I also changed the monitor to one that is a little cheaper with a higher response time at 5ms vs 1ms, the big reason I got this monitor is because I love ips monitors. 

Source 220 may have clearance issues, depending on the motherboard.

He doesn't mind the changes. This is probably what we'll go with after I do some more research on the case, thanks.

don't no if you are still looking for a suggestion but hear is one.

Old CPU architecture, with a bit of a weak GPU.  Otherwise, not bad.

no SSD?

This is my take on it,

I don't know why more people aren't recommending the G3258. It will beat out the 8350 in most games which is crazy cause its only a dual core, and the price difference means you can stack that cash back into a better GPU GTX770 is killer.

this is what im thinking of getting what does everyone else think

He want's to stick with the 8350 because I've used it and so has his dad so it is what he's familiar with. 

Nah he doesn't want to bother this time so that he can focus on the rest of the systems performance and things that will matter more, in his words. 

Is this a hijacking?

I think we'd better better off with the 8320 and the 760, but thanks for the suggestion.

no i thought maybe your friend could use it too

Yes, that's exactly what happened. :p