Help with Fusion-io Iodrive2

I just got a Fusion-io Iodrive2 the drivers are installed and the device is showing up in device manager, but I can not set it up to be used as storage. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Do you see it, maybe offline or not initialized in disk management? What does an fio-status show?

edit: If you don’t see it in disk management, google “fio-format” and look into the process of formatting as well. It’s possible fio-status will show something obvious (if you bought this used and it has a problem for instance), but thinking on it, it’s more likely you need to format the device low level. Good luck.

You could also try opening Disk Management and formatting from there. If it is unviable in its current state you can delete the current partition(s), and from there make a new simple volume.

No resolution to this?