Help with first build

First post. Hello everyone. I'm looking for some advice on building a computer for the first time.

I'm trying to keep the spending under C$1000, this is only for the parts I will buy and not the stuff I already have. (I'm located in Canada BTW)

No preference on retailers.

Usage: gaming mostly. Particularly running Dolphin nicely in 1080p (not sure if resolution matters for Dolphin), and running upcoming games at 1080p on high at a playable framerate (BF4, Watch Dogs, etc). Ultra would be nice but isn't necessary.

Overclocking: none

Watercooling?: no if it isn't absolutely mandatory


Build: (going from the least flexible component to the most flexible)

CPU: I already have a i7-3770 given to me from a buddy. (no purchase required)

STORAGE: I have a spare 250GB Samsung 840 lying around, I will probably pull apart one of my external hard drives to put in the computer. (no purchase required)

CASE: I want to use the CM Elite 120 for the build because I've seen the case in person and I like its size. I'm open to other suggestions of similar sized cases.

RAM: I'm guessing 8GB is enough? Need brand/make suggestions.

MOTHERBOARD: Need help because I have no clue on what to get. I assume a Mini-ITX board to fit the case I want. I'm looking for something with wifi and bluetooth.

GPU: No idea... looking for something to fit my requirements above. I think the graphics will be a big chunk of my spending. I'm also concerned about how well a typical card will fit in the CM Elite 120 due to its size.

PSU: Was looking at the Corsair CX430M but I think the PSU will depend on which graphics card I end up getting

Peripherals: I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with mx blue switches and lit keys.


So to sum things up I need a small form factor case, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, PSU and a keyboard and keeping it under $1000.

Things I already own: CPU, SSD/HDD, 24" 1080p 3D monitor (I never use the 3D tbh), Mouse

I apologize if I'm being too vague or forgetting stuff. Your suggestions are highly appreciated, thanks.

what socket is the cpu, what gpu preference do you have (AMD, Nvidia), if any? once i get those questions answered i can look up some parts on for you. ;)